Linings for chemical tanks, concrete pools, swimming pools, ponds and special parts. From design to installation and maintenance.


Lining for potable water tanks

The Hydroclick design provides a fast and safe installation for both, new constructions and renovations. The system consists of a sheet with click and distance studs on one side and the click profile. The Hydroclick system has been developed by Agru in cooperation with the Swiss company ETERTUB AG. This company has specialised in potable water applications from the tapping of springs to water storage for more than 30 years.

The material polyethylene 80 blue is perfectly suited for this application due to the need for purity, mechanical strength and long life expectancy.


We offer thermoplastic lining solutions, as they take full advantage of the excellent chemical and biological resistance, ensuring a long lifetime expectancy. The material flexibility and low weight makes it ideal for handling in the installation site.

The plastic range includes PE-HD, PP, PVDF, ECTFE.


ELBEblue Line reinforced pool membranes will work in every swimming pool.

Whether new construction or renovation the private or public sector, ELBEblue Line pool membranes offer individual solution for every application. The size and shape of the swimming pool does not matter. The variety of applications possibilities and the diverse design options convince swimming pool owners, pool installers and planners worldwide.


The coefficient of friction of plastic is very low, we can coat the surfaces of various parts with wear-resistant plastics. The smooth surface of the plastic also ensures a good sliding behavior minimizing residues during application and easing the cleaning process afterwards.

The right lining material is selected according to the application and the desired service lifetime. Examples of applications are concrete transport equipment, mine loading equipment, agricultural silos and truck dump bodies (for earth works, sanding, snow removal, etc.).

Materials: PE 100 RC, PE 500, PE 1000 and various modified PE materials


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