Plastic materials

Atolli offers a wide range of different plastics. In our selection you will find pipes and pipe fittings, valves, panels, sheets and fabric sheets, bars and profiles, hollow bars, membranes, lining materials and gratings made out of different materials.

Plastics for piping
Volume plastics
High performance plastics
Engineering plastics

Different plastics

Piping materials

Plastic pipings are common due to their corrosion resistance, installation speed, lightness, and their excellent price to quality ratio.

The pipelines are widely used in a variety of applications, such as spas, swimming pools, ventilation ducts, rainwater drainage, chemical dosing lines, process solution transfer lines and cooling water systems.

From Atolli you will find all pressure, process, drainage, irrigation, water and air conditioning piping and the necessary parts for them.

Volume plastics

Volume plastics are the most used plastics and they account for about 80% of global plastic consumption. In general, they are inexpensive in price and are very widely used in a variety of applications strarting from textiles all the way to packaging and engineering plastics. The largest volume plastics are PE, PVC, PS, PP and PET.

High performance plastics

High performance plastics typically include materials that can withstand higher temperatures than basic plastics. Many high performance plastics have a continuous operating temperature of more than 200 °C and some materials even exceed 300 °C.

Fluorotech (nowadays Atolli) began its journey specifically as a supplier of high performance plastics so these rarer polymers are familiar to us.

Engineering plastics

Engineering plastics are plastics that are used in the construction of machine and equipment buildings. For example PA, POM, PET, PC, PMMA, PE-HD and PE-UHMW are engineering plastics. The use of these plastics seeks properties such as mechanical strength, electrical insulation, wear resistance, chemical resistance or low friction. Engineering plastics are produced in much lower quantities than volume plastics.

Engineering plastics which belong to high performance plastics are expensive but in some properties they are significantly better than other engineering plastics.

There are tables of the properties of different materials on the sites. The values in the tables are indicative. The Data has been collected from a number of different sources using different testing methods so the values are not fully comparable. The tables are intended to give an idea of the properties of the material and cannot be used directly as such for all semi-finished products. If you have any questions in your mind, don’t be afraid to contact our customer service.