Plastic materials

PVC, polyvinyl chloride

PVC is the second most used plastic right after polyethylene. PVC is easy to glue and self-extinguishing. There's a lot of versions of PVC starting from foamed plastic to transparent PVC-GLAS and hard PVC. That's why PVC's operating sector is one of the biggest in plastics - starting from leatherette and window frames all the way to plumbing systems and wallpapers.

Plastics for piping
Volume plastics
High performance plastics
Engineering plastics


Most common colors: dark gray, white, black, red, clear

Products: pipes, pipe fittings, valves, flow meters, welding wires, prefabricated parts, sheets, fabric sheets, round bars, and core tubes

Also available: special sizes, foam PVC, C-PVC, soft PVC

We know plastics

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