Competense Matters

  • Knowledge

    Atolli is a Finnish plastics specialist serving industries in different fields. We have acquired knowledge and experience of plastic materials and products over the course of several decades. We have close connections to plastics and chemical federations in Finland, Europe and North America. We are a collaborating member of the Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA). As our client, you will gain access to all our know-how and experience.

  • Skill

    We, here at Atolli, take pride in keeping what we have promised – every day. We are committed and flexible to get the correct plastic products to the correct locations quickly, on time and cost-effectively, in ways that it best benefits your business.

  • Attitude

    At Atolli we have a strong, entrepreneurial service culture. We want to answer you: Yes! When it comes down to serving our clients, nothing is impossible - challenging at most.


Chlorine tablet MF200

4-strength chlorine tablet suitable for daily disinfection.

from 12€

Filtral UVC fountain filter

Fountain connecting the fountain, filter and UV lamp.

from 99€


To adjust the pH of the pool water

from 10€

Pond Jet Eco fountain

Floating fountain



Finnish know-how for 50 years!

This year, Atolli celebrates its 50th anniversary and in honor of it, we have redesigned our website and logo.

The merger of Atolli and Fluorotech more than a year ago has expanded our expertise. We are now able to serve better both our pool and industrial customers. Our goal is to be the best water treatment and process piping contractor in Finland.

The relocation of the swimming pool product warehouse to Valkeakoski has improved the accuracy and speed of our deliveries. We have upgraded our webstore and in the future, we will open an industrial online store for our B to B customers.

Our new logo has received a lot of positive feedback. We hope it will give a headwind to both us and our customers. If you look closely, there is still a glimpse of the old Fluorotech arrow in the logo, which stand for the movement forward, but at the same time reminds us of our history.

Our old slogan “know-how matters” is still valid. The slogan is based on the three pillars of our successful service: knowledge, skill and attitude. We have half a century of experience and knowledge with water treatment and plastic materials. The skill is to deliver and install the right materials in the right place as agreed, quickly and cost-effectively. Our entrepreneurial service culture has given us an “Atolli attitude” that is visible to our customers as flexibility and good service. We want to be a partner to our customers who lives up to their promises and helps us succeed.