Atolli is a Finnish plastics specialist serving industries in different fields. We have acquired knowledge and experience of plastic materials and products over the course of several decades. We have close connections to plastics and chemical federations in Finland, Europe and North America. We are a collaborating member of the Finnish Water Utilities Association (FIWA). As our client, you will gain access to all our know-how and experience.


We, here at Atolli, take pride in keeping what we have promised – every day. We are committed and flexible to get the correct plastic products to the correct locations quickly, on time and cost-effectively, in ways that it best benefits your business.


At Atolli we have a strong, entrepreneurial service culture. We want to answer you: Yes! When it comes down to serving our clients, nothing is impossible – challenging at most.





The board of Atolli has appointed Ville Uimi as the new CEO of Atolli. The appointment will take effect from January 1st, 2024. Ville has worked in the industry for a long time in various positions, most recently as CEO of Skandinavian Muoviasennus Oy and as a board member of Atolli.

Ville’s background in installation companies will strengthen company’s industrial project activities.
“For me, Atolli is an important part of my plastics know-how. I got my first contact with plastics and the possibilities of use already 15 years ago when I started my work at Atolli working with industrial plastics. I have worked as an entrepreneur over the years and now the circle closes when I return to Atolli and I got the opportunity to start as CEO of Atolli. I thank the board of Atolli for the trust and I’m motivated for the job. I look forward to develop the business. Atolli’s work community has the right amount of experience and new talents, which guarantees that we will continue to do great things. After all, as a result of Titi’s work, we have the keys to almost everything related to plastic….” says Ville Uimi.
Christian “Titi” Sundberg will continue in Atolli as a business developer focusing on the company’s innovation business.