The project consisted in installing a thermoplastic lining system to renovate old concrete reservoir. The HYDROCLICK system has been used in this project. It provides a fast, safe, durable and environmental friendly installation of the PE sheets.

To protect an already constructed concrete reservoir of feeding water for boiler, within the context of a stainless steel manufacturing plant. In order to ensure a better quality of the water entering the boiler, the previous lining system (epoxy coating) needed to be replaced with thermoplastic lining.


The main causes of the concrete deterioration are: Exposure to corrosion attack of concrete structures. Cracks ocurring in the structure during operation: small cracks can result in exfiltration or infiltration, developed cracks can lead to structure failure. Sedimentation because of concrete’s rough surface, which leads to a drop on the hydraulic performance. Abrasion caused by the solids in the wastewater, which can affect the hydraulic performance. Microbial deterioration, which reduces the life expectancy of the infrastructure.


It is a protective system, that extends the life of the concrete and reduces the need for regular maintenance, while still ensuring that the services remain uninterrupted and water quality is maintained. It can be both implemented during renovations, even in damaged concrete, or in new constructions.

Within the lining market, the most used materials are Stainless Steel, Tiles, Epoxy coating and Thermoplastics linings. In this project, the chosen material was PE80 (Thermoplastic), due to its excellent chemical and biological resistance, the long lifetime expectancy and the easy-handling of the material.

The HYDROCLICK systems are made of PE80 and they take full advantage of the use of plastics, leading to a major drop on costs for the operator and ensuring a prompt availability of clean water:
– Long life expectancy (>50 years)
– Corrosion and chlorination (up to 3mg/l) resistant
– Resistant to micro-organic corrosion.
– Easy to maintain and suitable for high-pressure cleaning
– The system achieves a complete tightness
– High surface quality, no deposits
– Frost-proof
– The installation is clean and short
– Low carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is estimated in order to find out the environmental impact of executing projects. The outcome is useful both for Atolli, in order to offset the emissions and reduce energy consumption (costs), as well as for clients who may wish to consider the results in their decision making process.

The HYDROCLICK system has been developed in cooperation by AGRU and the Swiss company ETERTUB AG. It provides a fast and safe installation for both, new constructions and renovations. All the sheets, profiles, pipes and fittings used in this project were supplied by AGRU, an international company that manufactures and supplies plastic pipeline components and semi-finished products since 1948.


Raahen Voima Oy is a Finnish energy company that is specialized in the production of electricity and heat. It is partially owned by SSAB, a world-known steel manufacturer, and EPV Energia, an energy company founded in 1952.