Air distribution systems, pipes, fittings and valves. – From design to installation and maintenance.


A plastic piping system is completely suitable for many HVAC applications, because of its excellent resistance properties and low carbon footprint.

The most common plastic materials for HVAC systems are PVC, PPs and ECTFE. They are extremely resistant to chemicals because they are not affected by corrosion. We will choose right material according to temperature, environmental conditions and lifetime requirements.

For very aggressive and high temperature environments we recommend to choose FEP and PFA piping

Our product range has wide selection of pipes, fittings, valves, and ventilation components.


We repair, design, build and install air distribution systems, including a fully developed and comprehensive range of pipes, fittings, valves, and ventilation components. Our certified installers will ensure high-quality plastic welding and a completely tight system. Also, and thanks to our suppliers’ high-quality standards, we can offer reliable products which make the installation safe and homogeneous.

Customizing to fit your needs

We also manufacture custom ductwork transitions, custom rectangular ductwork and custom supply. By custom fabricating plastic sheet ductwork, we can easily and effectively create any required elements of a duct to change and improve the performance of the HVAC system.

The efficiency of your HVAC system basically relies on the status of your ductwork. Ducting must not only be sealed well, but it must be properly designed. Since we do the work ourselves with custom sheet plastic fabrication, we are able to design and install the ideal, custom solution for the specific needs of your business.


We offer a wide range of different plastic welding equipment for both construction sites and workshops. In addition to machinery and equipment, we offer tools and instructions to make installation and welding of plastics even easier.

We know plastics

We are a Finnish service company serving industry and construction specializing in plastic piping systems and related products