We solve a customer's problem or implement an idea. From design to installation and maintenance.


For over 50 years we have helped our clients to develop their own customized products. This gives us a good insight into developing an idea and making it marketable.

3D product design development

Once defined the concept, we take the design into 3D CAD and explore all the component parts and functionalities. During this process, the design takes on its approximate final form, and several re-design iterations are done to improve its overall quality. This is key to a successful product development.

Engineering for success

Producing a single prototype is very different to a production run. During the design development, we always consider materials, their properties, their manufacturing processes and assembling techniques. Typically, we make several prototypes during the life of a project as they are the most important communication tool with our clients.

All-in-one solution

During the product development, we will be on charge of the design, prototype and production stages. This allows us to oversee the whole process from beginning to end and offer a cost-effective service, with acceptable lead-times.



We know plastics

We are a Finnish service company serving industry and construction specializing in plastic piping systems and related products